Student Progress

At Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School (SHCPS), we believe that education is a collaborative partnership between home and school. We believe that effective, regular, and open communication is the key to fostering a successful learning environment for our students.


At SHCPS, we prioritise the continuous monitoring, assessment and feedback of each child’s progress by their dedicated teachers and support staff. Comprehensive assessments play a crucial role in shaping our teaching and learning programs, establishing open channels of communication, guiding student learning, and identifying areas of excellence as well as areas that may require additional support and assistance.


We recognise three main purposes for assessments:

Assessment For Learning:

This type of assessment informs our teaching and learning strategies within the classroom. It helps us identify individual student needs and tailor our approach accordingly.

Assessment Of Learning:

Measuring a student’s progress over a given period, such as a unit, topic, term, or semester, allows us to gauge their growth and development.

Assessment As Learning

We empower our students by teaching them valuable skills to self-assess their own learning journey and set personal goals for their future development.

The use of both assessment and pastoral care and wellbeing data helps us to gain a deeper understanding of each student’s individual educational journey. This goes beyond just numbers; it involves comprehending the unique progress and needs of every student. Through the use of data, we can tailor our approach to support and nurture each student at their specific stage of learning. This student-centred approach empowers us to provide the right interventions and extension programs that cater to the diverse needs of our students. Through this thoughtful use of data, we ensure that every student receives the attention and support necessary to thrive on their educational path.

Parent Information Evenings

We believe in building a strong partnership with parents, and to facilitate this, we host Parent Information Evenings early in Term 1. During these evenings: teachers provide an overview of the curriculum, assessment as learning and reporting processes. It is also an opportunity for parents to learn about homework, behaviour management, and the various extracurricular opportunities available to their children.

Student Conferences

We encourage open dialogue and offer student-led conferences held in Term 1 and 3. Additionally, parents can request an interview with their child’s classroom teachers at any time throughout the year. This can be easily arranged by emailing the teacher or contacting the school office to schedule a suitable time.

Academic Reports

Academic Reports are sent home at the end of each semester, providing a comprehensive overview of your child’s achievements and progress.

External Assessment

As part of the national assessment program, all Year 3 and 5 students participate in the NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy). This program involves four assessments across these learning areas and offers valuable insights into each student’s performance compared to the school and Australian average levels of achievement.

We value your active involvement and encourage parents to reach out to their child’s classroom teacher if they have any concerns regarding their child’s progress or any issues that may impact their learning. Addressing concerns early often leads to quick resolutions. To arrange a meeting, please contact the teacher in advance via phone, email, or note, and they will be happy to meet with you after school.