Religious Education

As we are first and foremost a Catholic School, the Teaching and Learning of Religious Education is of utmost importance. It is an expectation that this learning area is taught with the same robust expectations of planning, teaching, learning and assessment as all other key learning areas of the school curriculum. 

Catholic Education Northern Territory Schools access Journey in Faith – a comprehensive Religious Education program for Transition to Year 10, which is based on the Crossways Curriculum from South Australia. 

There are five main units of work that students engage with at each year level. 

The units are: 

God, Us and Faith

Sacred Texts

Prayer and Sacramentality

Moral Life

Church for the World

These five units enable students to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for an age appropriate understanding of what it means to be Catholic, including traditions, Ethos and living out our Vision and Mission. 

In addition to these units, there is one unit of work focusing on Human Sexuality known as Made in the Image of God or MITIOG. 

The Religious Education program at Sacred Heart also involves learning about our Catholic Identity, what it means to Love One Another and be faith filled, respectful and resilient learners in the Spirit of Jesus, sharing of the Sunday Gospel each week, formal and informal prayer and celebrations of Mass and Liturgy according to the Liturgical Calendar.