Australian Curriculum

We foster a love of learning, curiosity, and a passion for personal growth.

We follow the Australian Curriculum guidelines ensuring that our students receive a comprehensive education across a range of subject areas.

Our students engage with the prescribed Australian Curriculum in subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Health and Physical Education, Arts, Business and Economics and Technologies. By adhering to these standards, we provide our students with a well-rounded education that equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future success.

It is an inclusive framework that promotes a common understanding of behavioural expectations and encourages the development of positive character traits.

The School Wide Positive Behaviour approach is based on the values of each student being a faith filled, respectful and resilient learner. These values are not only taught explicitly, they are also integrated into everyday practices and interactions within the school community. We believe that by consistently modelling and reinforcing these values, we can create a school environment that promotes the overall wellbeing and success of our students.


At Sacred Heart, we place a strong emphasis on the learning of Literacy. In the Early Years, we have implemented InitiaLit to support our students’ reading and writing development. InitiaLit is an evidence-based whole-class Literacy program. It provides all children with the essential core knowledge and strong foundations needed to become successful readers and writers. This three year program covers the first three years of formal schooling, from Transition to Year 2.

Teaching and Learning Framework

Our Teaching and Learning Framework is based on the principle that each student should achieve at least a year’s worth of growth for a year’s worth of learning. At Sacred Heart, we place the student at the centre of our teaching and learning practices. We believe that Teaching and Learning is the core activity of our school and it is informed by various factors:

The Educational Vision, Mission, Policies, and Strategic Priorities of the Diocese of the Northern Territory.

Contemporary educational research and practices.

The needs and aspirations of our students, their families and the local community.

The knowledge and skills of our teachers and support staff.

The requirements of government educational policies and directions.